CB Leading Index Came Out Higher Than Expected

CB Leading Index

Time: 2:00 pm GMT, Morocco time: 3:00 hours, Egypt time: 5:00 hours, Saudi time: 6:00 hours, Emirates time: 7:00 hours

Previous: -0.5%       Expected: -0.3%      Actual: -0.1%              

CB Leading Index

The index aims to measure the general trend of economic activity in the United States, by tracking a number of different sub-indicators such as interest rates, stock prices, production costs, and others.

And when the indicator comes out with a score higher than expected:

• This indicates that economic activity and production will improve in the near future.

• This will support the strength of the US economy and then the US dollar.

Therefore, this indicator represents an important source of predictive economic indicators for the US economy, and has a significant impact on the performance of the US dollar.

How does the CB Leading Index m/m affect the trading of the US dollar in the forex market?

The CB Leading Index is an economic indicator that attempts to predict the general direction of the economy, and is issued by the US Federal Reserve.

When this indicator is issued with a positive result (monthly improvement), this means:

• Possibility of strengthening the US economy and improving its growth in the short term.

• This, in turn, may push towards strengthening the US dollar against other currencies, especially in the forex market.

The opposite is true when the index results in a negative result (monthly deterioration); This may lead to a weaker US dollar.

In general, any expectations of improvement or deterioration in the pace of economic growth of the United States affect the strength of the US dollar and its position as a global reference currency.

Therefore, investors and traders in the forex market monitor this indicator and its potential impact on exchange rates.

The entity responsible for issuing the CB Leading Index

The CB Leading Index is produced by the Economic Analysis Office of the Federal Reserve.

This office is supervised by the Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve, and is responsible for collecting and analyzing economic data and publishing relevant reports and indicators.

The leading indicator consists of a set of sub-indicators that reflect various aspects of the economy:

• Long term interest rates

Stock prices

• work hours

Industrial production costs

• and others

The aim of the leading index is to provide a comprehensive view of the future direction of the US economy, so it includes a variety of sub-indices.

The date of issuance of the CB Leading Index

Released monthly, about 20 days after the end of the month;

Next release

Jan 22, 2024