Trade Commodities with Brisk Markets and leverage some of the best spreads on the market.

Why trade Commodities?

Usually bought or sold on exchanges, Brisk Markets enables you to trade CFDs on some of the most widely traded commodities in the world. So, why trade?

  • Diversify your portfolio: with prices moving independently to equities you can diversify your trading portfolio with commodity CFDS.
  • Safe haven assets: in times of uncertainty, you’re able to trade safe haven assets with Brisk Markets.
  • Market hours: available to trade 24/5, the possibilities are endless.
  • Enhanced liquidity: we source exceptional pricing from multiple venues – giving you super-fast execution.
  • Leveraged trading: gain great exposure to the Commodities market using only a small amount of capital.
  • Fast account opening: you can be up and ready in minutes with our seamless account opening process.
Harness the power of Commodity trading with Brisk Markets. We’ve cultivated the ultimate trading environment to truly excel.

Commodity Trading Specifications

Explore Brisk Market’s ultimate trading environment.

Symbol Digits Contract Size Typical Spread in Points Leverage (up to) Sessions
XAGEUR350003010000:0-24:00 00:01-23:59
XAGUSD350002310000:0-24:00 00:01-23:59
XAUEUR21005510000:0-24:00 00:01-23:59
XAUUSD21001310000:0-24:00 00:01-23:59
UKOIL310002710001:05-23:59 01:00-23:59
USOIL310002510001:00-23:59 01:00-23:59
NGAS410012610001:00-23:59 01:00-23:60
COFFEE21004310011:15-20:30 11:15-20:30
COTTON310037210004:00-21:20 04:00-21:20
USCOCOA1113210011:45-20:30 11:45-20:30

Trading Hours

Available from Monday 01:00 to Friday 24:00 with a daily trading break from 00:00 until 01:00. We use the New York time zone for DST.