GBPUSD Technical Analysis 30M:

GBPUSD Technical Analysis

GBPUSD Technical Analysis The pound dollar is trading at the $1.23036/1.23388 area. In the event of an ascent and stability above the 1.23388 area, it will head to the first resistance area of 1.23637, and if the ascent is completed, it will head to the 1.23891/1.24160 area.

GBPUSD Technical Analysis On the other side

In the event of a decline and stability below the 1.23036 area, it will head to the first support area 1.22786, and in the event of the decline completing, it will head to the 1.22560/1.22309 areas.

GBPUSD Technical Analysis, التحليل الفني للباوند دولار

GBPUSD Technical Analysis: resistance and support levels

• Third resistance: 1.24160

• Second resistance: 1.23891

• First resistance: 1.23637

• Trading area: 1.23036/1.23388

• First support: 1.22786

• Second support: 1.22560

• Third support: 1.22309